Luminous Yeux

Description: Cream-gel for hyperpigmentation, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. It is especially formulated for fair skin types.

HYPERPIGMENTATION (Skin discolouration: uneven or dull complexion, cloasma, age and liver spots, sun spots, brown marks, freckles, and overactive melanin production. The only product worldwide to have different formulations for different skin photo types

It is used in combination with Luminous Day Cream, Luminous tri-actif and Luminous Serum to enhance their actions for optimum results.

How to use: Apply twice daily, lightly massaging into the areas around the eyes.

Super ingredient: Fraxinus excelsior bark extract – fights dark circles and puffiness under the eyes; strengthens the blood capillaries by decreasing their porous abilities; is an anti-oxidant.

Action: Specially formulated for the fragile area around the eye. It rejuvenates the skin, creating an illuminated even complexion. Use with Luminous, Luminous Tri-actif, and Luminous Serum.

Characteristics: Lightweight, easily absorbed, hypoallergenic, ophthalmologically tested and suitable for all skin types. It is anti-aging, deeply moisturising, firming, soothing, healing and it is an anti-irritant and anti-oxidant. It also improves he skin’s elasticity.