Peptumax Yeax (Eye cream)

Coverderm Peptumax Yeux is a lightweight eye cream-gel specially formulated to visibly reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet).

It combines a powerful mixture of state-of the-art biomimicking peptides and Phytosphigosine for the most effective treatment of even the deepest wrinkles.

Clinical studies prove impressive *results:

  • Decrease in the depth of wrinkles up to -37%,
  • Decrease in the number of wrinkles up to -48%,
  • Increase in skin moisture up to +46,5%,
  • Increase in skin elasticity up to +100%

Ophthalmologically tested.

*Clinical studies conducted by the Department of Medicinhe University of Pavia in Italy, proved the impressive results of Peptumax treatments after use, twice daily, for 60 days

How to use: Apply twice daily, lightly massaging into the areas around the eyes.