Vanish Make-Up

Microcirculatory disturbances (Couperose, facial redness, dark circles and bags under the eyes and leg varicose)

COLOURCEUTICALS – make up that covers and treats

Description: Foundation to cover and help reduce facial redness and dark eye circles.

Ingredients: MDI complex, fucoidan, vitamin E, red algae, beeswax, isoflavones, light reflectors, sunscreen filters (SPF 15) and colour pigments.

Super ingredients:

  1. MDI complex: a natural, marine-derived active ingredient that strengthens the extra-cellular matrix, acts against skin irritation, and diminishes redness and discoloration which are caused by microcirculatory disturbances.
  2. Beeswax: make-up stays on even through sweat, oil, and water; anti-septic, anti-bacterial and healing; helps cells regenerate; ensures softness and elasticity of foundation; makes little channels, enabling skin to breathe through make-up.

Action: Improves the effects of microcirculatory disturbances and protects the integrity of micro-capillaries. The light reflectors make the skin glow and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Use with Vanish treatment products.

Characteristics: Easy to apply, velvety texture, waterproof, hypoallergenic, oil-free, SPF 15 (UVA and UVB), suitable for all skin types and available in 6 natural shades. It is anti-ageing, moisturising, healing, soothing, anti-bacterial and is an anti-oxidant. There are independent clinical studies to support claims. The products are not tested on animals.